Waad Al Shamal Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (WAS ISCCPP)

Waad Al Shamal Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (WAS ISCCPP)

Major quantities:

  • Excavation: 45000 m3
  • Backfilling: 33,200 m3
  • Piping for duct banks: 16 000 m
  • piping for drainages: 12,000 m
  • Concrete paving: 4000 m2
  • Car parking: 23,000 m2
  • Man-holes of different sizes: 800 pcs
  • Total Concrete: 16,000 m3
  • Fire fighting trenches: 1000 L.m
  • Electrical cables: 26,000 L.m.
  • Lighting fixtures: 1,846 ea
  • Ducting works: 40 Tons

Value of works: SR.60M

Period: 2017 - 2018Company's role: Sub- Contractor for Underground Works /Building Electrical Works/Mechanical ducting works.

Scope: Execution of the folowing Works forWaad Al Shammal project in Turaif in the Northern Borders of Saudi Arabia.

a) Underground utilities covering: Drainages, Electrical,Instrumentation and Control and Communication For the Power Block and the Solar Field Areas.

b) Execution of electrical installation inside buildings.

c) Execution of Exhaust ducts for 4 Gas Turbines.

Excavation is on normal soil and rock. This is being executed using heavy equipments e.g. rock breakers,
Front End Loaders (Backhoe/Excavator, bobcat, pay loader), dump trucks, water trucks etc. The unsuitable excavated material is disposed at the agreed tipping site outside the construction site /plant boundaries; and usable materials are being screened and mixed to be used for backfilling/filling works. Concrete design mixes used are 35Mpa and 17MPa; while reinforcement bars are uncoated bars as per project specifications.

Electro-mechanical works on concrete buildings executed by other subcontractors are:

a) Supply and Erection of Electrical Installation; and supply only of  manpower for termination works under direct supervision by Contractor.
b) Manufacture, Delivery and Installation of Exhaust Ducts for 4 Gas Turbines at GT Buildings.

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